Saturday, 28 February 2009

REPOST - Quintessential

Bob Quine
1942 - 2004

"Someday Quine will be recognized for the pivotal figure that he is on his instrument, he is the first guitarist to take the breakthroughs of early Lou Reed and James Williamson and work through them to a new, individual vocabulary, driven into odd places by obsessive attention to 'On The Corner' era Miles Davis." (Lester Bangs)

Ikue Mori, Bob Quine & Marc Ribot - El Dorado
Jody Harris & Bob Quine - Flagpole Jitters
Bob Quine & Fred Maher - Village
Bob Quine - Film Music 9 (unreleased)
You can get them all here.

Quine's favourite piece of music 'He Loved Him Madly' by Miles Davis here.
Bob Quine on Lester Bangs here.
Recent article on Quine's death by James Marshall and more music here and here.
Richard Hell on Quine here.

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