Saturday, 27 December 2008

(Cyber) Space Is The Place where there WAS a 'Pathway To Unknown Worlds'!

Got a shock when I logged on to my computer today.
My favourite blog has shut up shop.
I do hope that it is not for long.
Here is Sun Ra's 'Space Is The Place'.
(Dedicated to Herr B.)

Read the comment below and weep!
It doesn't take much time or effort to say "thank you" you know and it makes all of us bloggers feel appreciated (and loved)!

Sun Ra - 'Space Is The Place' @ Bayview Opera House San Francisco November 2 1988


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  2. Hi mona,

    I'm just tired of entertaining hundreds of deaf-mute leechers every day.
    Maybe I'll be back in some days or weeks, maybe not.

    Thanks for your support!


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  4. still feel that's it's very embarrassing that noone of the more than 200 leechers I sent to you for the OC/GD gems, has left a comment here!

  5. Of course it can be (very) disheartening, after all the first thing I taught all three of my children is to say "please" & "thank you"!
    Stay in touch my friend.