Thursday, 23 October 2008

Marise Maas

'Hold One's Horses'

'Cheap Fizz'

'Untitled (Boots)'

When I was out today I saw a couple of etchings by Marise Maas for sale.
I knew Marise many years ago when she worked in a pub in Fitzroy.
When she went back to The Netherlands for a while I promised that I would write to her and I was happy subsequently to receive a postcard with her address in Haarlem on it.
So happy that I put it up on my window and the sun promptly faded all of the writing (including the address).
Marise had used a felt tip pen and there wasn't even an indentation that I could decipher.
She probably thinks that I was so rude for not keeping in touch after I promised that I would.

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